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21 May 2013

Preparing for the next bubble

The real estate bubble burst of 2008 was generally caused by overpriced properties and mortgage problems. Many experts are now seeing that this won’t be the last as home values continue to reach uncontrollable levels. There are, however, methods to help prepare for a possible repeat. To start with, a brief background of the previous […]

20 May 2013

New hotel by MDM soon to rise at downtown Miami

MDM is now planning for a hotel and convention center in downtown Miami. The same developers have started construction on a garage with a ground floor site for Whole Foods. The news from Miami Herald reported that the MDM Group is slated to purchase the site of the former Miami Arena. The developers plan on […]

14 May 2013

Miami developers on the race for supply increase

Miami has been seeing a lot of developments recently due to the increased demand for condominiums. During the last housing collapse, 22,000 condos created at the downtown area were left unsold. Now, only 600 remain. All of this can be attributed to the flock of Latin American buyers taking an interest at the city’s housing […]

3 May 2013

Wall Street’s housing frenzy in full swing

The common folk are feeling the surge of big wig real estate investors specifically in Nevada where houses are being bought in upfront cash. Those who plan on dabbling in the current trend of buy-now-and-sell-later can hold their money because they are up for some competition. Many big ticket firms fueled by investor cash are […]

3 May 2013

Distressed homeowners find hope

With the recovering housing market, the real estate bubble of 2006 seems like a distant nightmare. And what a nightmare it is as 10.8 million homeowners are still living in homes that are much cheaper than their mortgages. These homeowners are also less likely to refinance their homes due to low rates and more likely […]

2 May 2013

Home Prices in the US continutes to rise

At what might be the sign of a speedy recovery, home prices in the country’s largest metropolitan has reported an increase of 9.3 percent over the year. This is the largest growth since May of 2006 before the real estate bubble burst. The report from Standard & Poor/Case-Shiller Index shows the increase started at 8.1 […]

2 May 2013

Miami condo market recovers causing development bounty

Latin American buyers are grabbing condo units in downtown Miami. Out of the 22,000 condos built before the housing burst, only 600 remain. As a result, more and more developers are buying lands as fast as they could and creating more condo projects. Out of the many developments in the city, the most ambitious so […]

30 Apr 2013

Real estate values double in Edgewater Miami

From $11 million last year, a waterfront real estate at downtown Miami sold for $29 million this year, more than doubling its value. The buyers, Miami-based Related Group, also purchased another site in the same neighborhood of Edgewater with New York-based GTIS Partners Lt. for $28.1 million. Another land in Biscayne Bay sold for $5.32 […]

30 Apr 2013

20 Reasons why visiting and buying in Miami is good

Cheap real estate – Since the real estate bubble burst, Miami has seeing a lot of signs of recovery as more and more properties are offered at affordable prices and seller incentives are becoming more common Good environment for foreign buyers – The state of Florida ranks among the highest in the country’s real estate […]

29 Apr 2013

Remnants of housing slump to last until 2019

Economic boom is still far from sight as the housing market continues to gain momentum. The Case-Shiller real estate index of South Florida has seen an increase for the 14th straight month in January. The record included 2011, 2012 and 2013. The index showed a 10.8 increase, the highest since 2006. Examining the graph from […]