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3 Feb 2015

MLS Franchise for Miami-Dade County Possibility as Commission Weighs Temporary Home

Miami could be a possibility for MLS Franchise as spokesman for soccer Superstar David Beckham’s group announced that an MLS Franchise can be housed in Miami, they state that their focus is finding a new site for a new stadium in the county. , The idea of using a temporary venue is being put forward […]

28 Apr 2014

More Reasons to Live in South Florida

South Florida has been a top tourist destination but tourists come and go. The real treasure of the city is its ever-growing and bustling residential towers. The city is sprawling with exhilarating night haunts, sprawling beaches, and a collection of art and business centers. Aside from those, however, here are more reasons why South Florida […]

25 Apr 2014

US median real estate sales prices continues its high streak for 24 months straight

Latest figures show that median sales price of residential properties in the country are up 1% in March and 10% more than last year. Median price of a home approached $164,500 with after 24 months straight of median home prices bouncing up on a yearly basis. The housing market experienced a slow down during the […]

24 Apr 2014

Miami-Orlando Rail Service to Debut on 2016

Florida boasts a reputation as a top tourist destination. Its palm-tree-lined streets, bustling hotspots, nightly crawls, and sprawling beaches draw visitors all year round. But tourists think of Florida as a single entity rather than an interconnection of travel highlights. How do you change that? All Aboard Florida, a privately owned and maintained venture, seems […]

4 Aug 2013

NHK World Japanese TV / NHK Wold Wave Morning / Miami Real Estate Market

NHK World Wave Morning featuring Miami Real Estate Market – Selda Kirkan

18 Jul 2013

Mortgage Rates Continue to Increase

The recent mortgage spike caused quite a stir in the housing market. Rates reached their highest with a full point increase last June, causing a refi crutch and minimal buyer panic as many tried not to get priced out. Recent reports from Freddie Mac, however, revealed that the trend in mortgage rates continue to get […]

16 Jul 2013

Home Builders See Gains Amidst Declining Foreclosures

Despite the recent decline in foreclosures, home builders saw a good activity in Wall Street. Several giant home-building firms gained stock increased during Tuesday’s trading session. The bounce bode well for many as several areas of the country are seeing tremendous activities in home construction, and rightly so since the inventory shortage still looms several […]

16 Jul 2013

Miami foreclosure rate experiencing a paradox

Miami is experiencing a change in its foreclosure rates. While the rates remain high in the greater parts of the city, the movement is geared towards the right direction. According to reports from CoreLogic, 13.25 percent of properties underwater in their mortgages located in Miami, Miami Beach and Kendall were still in the process of […]

15 Jul 2013

Per Square Foot Price Increase in Miami-Dade

The average price per square foot for single-family homes and condominiums in the Miami-Dade County had been reported to have gained quite a bump. Sales of condominiums in the Miami area, specifically Coconut Grove, range from $247 to $700. In the central portion of the neighborhood, sales average at $350 per square foot. Overall, the […]

11 Jul 2013

Cash Only For Chinese Buyers

There is no question that Chinese buyers are some of the top foreign investors in the country’s housing market. They have recently been injecting tons of dollars that helped fueled the U.S. housing recovery. Recent reports, however, also revealed that Chinese buyers, like their Latin American counterparts, are buying properties in cash. As much as […]