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30 Apr 2013

20 Reasons why visiting and buying in Miami is good

  1. Cheap real estate – Since the real estate bubble burst, Miami has seeing a lot of signs of recovery as more and more properties are offered at affordable prices and seller incentives are becoming more common
  2. Good environment for foreign buyers – The state of Florida ranks among the highest in the country’s real estate market in terms of attracting foreign buyers
  3. Excellent climate – a tropical climate is certainly an excellent draw for many would-be beach grazers
  4. Pristine beaches – the city is known for its miles of sandy beaches, the perfect site for relaxation
  5. Outdoor activities – water sports are common in Miami, from snorkeling to boating, ocean enthusiasts can get their fill in the city
  6. Dining experience – as a top metropolitan the city is host to a number of world-class restaurants
  7. Excellent lifestyle – although the city is for its many night haunts, everyone from the young to the young-at-heart can experience the excellent lifestyle Miami has to offer
  8. Great nightlife – the city never sleeps with its excellent choice of nightclubs and bars
  9. Entertainment – from the diverse fashion world to more than a number of motion picture businesses, future auteurs and, probably, provocateurs as well can take a look at the city’s entertainment industry
  10. Perfect location – the city is strategically located between Europe and Latin America; a veritable ground for diversified populace
  11. Commercial real estate – commercial real estate is vast in the city with retail and multi-family selections topping most of the country’s markets
  12. Cultural melting pot – aside from its excellent location, the city is home to foreign-born citizens and 100 spoken languages
  13. Business nexus – top media, entertainment, financial and trade business abound in Miami; the city is home to an array of multinational companies from more than 50 nations
  14. Hospitality – hotels are plenty in the city with occupancy ranking fifth in the country
  15. Aviation – the city experiences more than 33.5 airline visitor per year and is home to over 80 airlines that fly to more than a 100 destinations
  16. Tourism – there’s no denying that the city is attractive for tourists with its excellent spots
  17. Port of Miami – dubbed as the “Cruise Capital of the World”, the air is not the only popular means of reaching the city; with more than 4 million passengers per year, the city also hosts a number of cruise ships
  18. Hospitals – the city has Jackson Memorial, one of the top hospitals the country and the Miami Children’s hospital, a great pediatric hospital
  19. Education – with 5 universities and 3 law schools, Miami is the 4th largest school district in the US
  20. Top Recognitions – the city has the third most attractive skyline, largest concentration of banks and the only city flanked by two national parks, the Biscayne National Park and the Everglades National Park

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