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27 Sep 2012

Looking Deeper Into The Miami Beach Home Formerly Owned By Jennifer Lopez

We have previously mentioned that the Miami Beach home formerly owned by Jennifer Lopez has been placed on the market for $40 million, but today we are going to be looking deeper into the posh property that is still up for grabs on the market.

Back in 2005, Lopez had managed to sell off the property for a value of $13.9 million. Five years later, it was back on the market for a value of $29 million. In 2011, it was being sold for $42.5 million.

While the asking price for the property is now lower than it was a year ago, it remains to be within the luxury sector of the Miami Beach real estate market.

There are many fascinating features that can be found within the home. It has a spiral staircase and tiled foyer which has a skylight top and dome which definitely leaves such a dramatic impression the minute you walk into the home.

As for the theme of the home, it features lots of wood — even in the kitchen. But the shelves are made of glass which adds a touch of class and sophistication which match the overall feel of the area.

Behind the home is a private boating dock which is ideal for keeping a boat or simply spending time to catch a fish or two. Also located on the outside is a koi pond which is located in the center of the courtyard which easily becomes one of the most serene areas on the Miami Beach property. Given the sensational beauty of the surroundings along with the outstanding outdoor features of the home, people can definitely find themselves at peace any time of the day.

The living room and family area of the home feature wooden floors that go perfectly well with the beamed vault ceilings. Its connecting dining room features a set row of arched windows which offers natural lighting into the room. Even the office area of the home has wooden floors and offers the perfect setting for people who need to feel inspired.

Of course, the spacious bedroom of the home also comes with wooden features as well as an exceptional selection of architectural highlights which definitely make it one of the most illustrious areas within the entire property.

If you would like to find out more information regarding the Miami Beach property, you may contact our team of professional agents for more details.

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