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12 Jun 2012

Former Versace Mansion In Miami Beach Listed For $125 Million

By Selda Kirkan

The Miami real estate market has been making waves across the country as it has
been home to some of the most extravagant homes found on today’s property market.
Today, one of the newest additions to the roster is looking to be the most expensive
home in the country as the Casa Casuarina, the home once owned by the famous
Gianni Versace, has been listed on the property market for $125 million!

The late, great fashion designer Gianni Versace was among the many icons which
placed Miami on the map as far as being home to one of the biggest names in the
world of high-fashion. But aside from being able to create a name for himself in
fashion, he also managed to transform an old apartment building into his very own
mansion within the fabulous city of Miami Beach.

The apartment building was purchased in 1992 for a price that fell under $10 million.
After that, Versace spent triple the amount in recreating the building into becoming
a single-family home that would suit his impeccable style and design preferences.
He even installed a 6,100 square foot wing as well as a 54 foot-long pool lined with
24 karat gold and mosaic tiles — features which make the Casa Casuarina one of the
most remarkable luxury homes within Miami.

Versace was shot on the steps of the Casa Casuarina in 1997 while he was collecting
his morning papers. Three years later, the luxury home was purchased for a price of
$20 million by the telecom entrepreneur Peter Loftin who has turned the home into an
ultra-luxury hotel called Villa by Barton G. The property will be sold as such.

Casa Casuarina is located directly across the famous Ocean Drive in Miami Beach.

Versace Mansion In Miami Beach

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