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22 Jan 2013

Vanilla Ice Reinvents Himself To Become A Successful South Florida Real Estate Investor

Vanilla Ice, born Robert Matthew Van Winkle, is an American rapper who shot into
fame after his hit called “Ice, Ice Baby” which had essentially earned him an all-
access ticket to a lifestyle that included cars, parties, and a modern Star Island luxury
home in South Florida.

Despite the professional excellence and design of the luxury home situated within one
of Miami Beach’s top exclusive island communities, Van Winkle claims that it never
felt like home.

Now aged 45 and having spent more than half his life within the South Florida region,
Van Winkle decided to envision his home in warm earth tones but it wasn’t going to
be about just changing its look but marking a new start in the next chapter of his life.

Today, Van Winkle is considered to be a self-taught real estate investor who has been
able to successfully renovate homes and generate a profit. His reality television show
called “Vanilla Ice Project” which is now about to premier its third season features
Van Winkle as Vanilla Ice, the rapper, who still performs at concerts but also makes
purchases on home which he eventually guts down and renovate as luxury homes.

The reality television show basically sets the right mood to showcase the rich housing
market of South Florida where property buyers and real estate investors can easily be
able to find properties to purchase for the purpose of flipping to generate a profit.

The timing is indeed remarkable, especially since a lot of people are not feeling good
about the recession which has created such reluctance among so many people who are
not willing to take any chances on homes that are not in top condition. However, Van
Winkle is actually motivating people to invest in their homes and to actually be able
to really enjoy them.

People are very much pleased about Van Winkle’s reinvention of himself, especially
since he’s been able to show such brilliance in the projects he takes on which includes
a 6,000-square-foot home located within the Lake Worth community that he managed
to transform into a modern luxury home that also feature green living technology.

But none of these changes would have been made possible if it were not for the fact
that Van Winkle had been on tour so often during the 1990s that he decided to sell off
several homes located within Los Angeles, New York, Utah, and Miami. It was only
then that he realized how profitable real estate truly was which led to further studying
of investment, particularly with regards to short sales and foreclosures.

Since then, Van Winkle has managed to purchase and flip over 100 homes within the
hot pocket areas of Florida. Soon after that, his Star Island luxury home became the
focus of his attention as he took the place down and started from scratch with design
magazines as reference for what he wanted.

By the latter part of the 1990s, he became tired of the excessive number of tourists in
the Miami area so he decided to take off into the serene Wellington village in Palm
Beach County area where he now lives happily with his wife and two daughters.

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