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7 Jun 2012

Miami Luxury Home In Indian Creek Listed For $60 Million Is Now Under Contract

It may seem too soon to speak with absolute certainty, but people have every reason
to believe that the market for luxury real estate is back once again as another stunning
luxury home located on Indian Creek Island in Miami has been placed on the market.

The original listing price for the home was set at $60 million; however, the sum has
since been brought down to $52 million. According to recent reports, it is currently
under contract, but the price for the home has not been disclosed. If the deal does
indeed fetch the $52 million price, it is expected to be the most expensive home to
ever be sold in all of Miami real estate history.

The luxury home is a modern-day palace set upon a 30,000 square foot parcel of
land which is located along 3 Indian Creek Drive. It features ten stunning bedrooms,
fourteen elegant bathrooms, its very own chromotherapy spa and massage room, a
100-foot swimming pool, hidden art storage room, an actual greenhouse, a garage that
can accommodate up to seven limousines, and a panic room.

Such opulence definitely sets a high bar for luxury real estate within Miami.

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