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21 May 2012

Venetian Islands Real Estate: Luxury Homes Within A Serene Setting Minutes Away From The City

The vast majority of people who search for the best luxury real estate options within
the city of Miami Beach tend to opt for condos due to the convenience that these are
able to provide. But what if you are someone who is not too keen on the idea of high-
rise residential living despite the fact that you to be as close to the city as possible?

Today, we are going to look into Venetian Islands real estate which happens to be one
of many different types of options that await you on the property market which offers
you easy a fabulous selection of luxury homes and estates which provide easy access
to all of the most happening places and events within Miami Beach without having to
restrict you to a series of options that consist mostly of high-rise residential properties.

Venetian Islands real estate is comprised of a series of man-made islands which are
located in Biscayne Bay. The islands include:

  • Biscayne Island
  • San Marco Island
  • San Marino Island
  • Di Lido Island
  • Rivo Alto Island
  • Belle Isle

One of the most appealing things about Venetian Islands real estate market is the fact
it that offers exquisite luxury homes which are considered to be among the best that
today’s Miami luxury real estate market has to offer to people who are particularly
keen on being able to find the most outstanding waterfront home properties around.

The sense of serenity that is found throughout the series of islands can truly provide
one of the most soothing settings for any luxurious lifestyle. It offers a perfect blend
between a tropical paradise and a modern living environment where people can look
forward to seeing an abundance of class and style.

All of the islands are connected to the mainland via the Venetian Causeway which is
one of the most popular attractions within the area. People find it to be quite suitable
for leisurely strolling, long walks, bike rides, jogging, running, and sight-seeing.

Of course, the causeway makes it possible for the city of Miami Beach to only just
minutes away from home and that is definitely a plus for those who like being able to
always be in the loop. Nevertheless, its close proximity never compromises the calm
and peaceful mood that emanates all throughout the various communities which can
be found within each of the islands.

If you would like to learn more information about the communities that are offer
luxury homes on the Venetian Islands real estate market, or if you simply wish to
learn more about the different options that are currently offered on the Miami luxury
real estate market, you can get in touch with our team of experts so that we can get
back to you regarding any of your questions and/or concerns about the best real estate
properties within Miami today.

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