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7 Jun 2012

Trump Unveils Plans To Create A New Studio City Within South Florida

Trump Unveils Plans To Create A New Studio City Within South Florida

Donald Trump is considered to be one of the biggest names when it comes to major
real estate developments and it has been made known that he is looking to create a
brand new city right in the beautiful South Florida region.

The plans for the new development project called Trump Studio City were unveiled
during a meeting held by the Miami-Dade Commission. According to the statement,
the development will bring about a 800-acre film studio which is going to be much
like a Hollywood set within the city of Homestead in South Florida.

Trump has apparently now set his sights is a vacant lot which has remained vacant
over the last couple of decades. The site is located close to the Homestead Air Force
Reserve base and proves to be an ideal location for one of the largest studios in the

Commissioners have been told that the development project could provide up to as
much as $262,000 worth of local revenue in a single day.

It is expected to become home to a studio city which will feature a variety of studios
with sizes that range from 25,000 square feet up to 250,000 square feet. It will also
have its own back lot which will be around 15 to 20 acres which should suffice for
just about any type of movie or television series that will potentially be shot within
the studio city.

The chosen city will definitely be feeling the benefits of the development project as
thousands of jobs could be created from the point of construction and all the way in
through operations. Even the local housing market could bounce back as a result of
such an immense plan as people will definitely want to look into the area once it is
able to gain recognition as being one of the most amazing destinations in the United

While there are those who feel that the plan may be a bit too ambitious to even pull
off within an area that has been left somewhat depressed after Hurricane Andrew,
many feel that there is nothing that Trump cannot accomplish, especially since he has
all of the necessary resources needed to make such an exceptional vision become a

Furthermore, the fact that the site has been deeded over to the county after the events
of Hurricane Andrew only to be left in its state over the years, there are those who
would like to see new life within the area, including some who are considering the
idea of handing the site over to Trump for free in order to promote growth within

As of the moment, the plan has yet to be reviewed by lawyers over the next 90 days.


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