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18 Jan 2013

The Market For Brickell Condominiums Is Expected To Remain Strong For The Next Two Years

Brickell condominiums are one of the top options for property buyers within Miami
today. People who are interested in learning more about the market situation when it
comes to these outstanding real estate options will find that the market is doing very
well and is expected to keep looking up for the next two years.

The urban neighborhood of Brickell has easily become one of the top locations for
property buyers, especially those who are looking to be located within the region’s
very own financial district. With its high concentration of international banks and
other financial institutions, it truly is the perfect setting for people who want to get
ahead in the game of life.

Property buyers can expect to find a remarkable selection of Brickell condominiums
on today’s property market. However, people who want to get the best deals should
act fast as inventory options are quickly running out as proven by the fact that there
are two developments which have already run out of inventory.

The notable condominiums which have completely sold out are myBrickell and 1100
Millecento. BrickellHouse is also very close to being sold out except for the fact that
there are two spacious penthouse properties which are still currently available on the
property market.

If you were to add up all of the residences found within these three developments, you
would have a total of 948 units. If you were to consider the overwhelming news that
only 2 out of the 948 units are remaining within the three world-class developments,
you begin to see a very clear picture that Brickell condominiums are indeed one of the
top real estate options within the region today.

With such high demand for these types of real estate options, experts believe that the
existing condominium inventory will soon drop in number, especially since there are
not very many new development projects underway. The highly anticipated Brickell
CitiCentre development project will definitely be providing property buyers with a
selection of residential properties, no information has been released regarding these
options and the project is not expected to be complete until 2015.

Needless to say, there are many developers and investors who are actively seeking out
the best opportunities available within Brickell in order to benefit from the very high
demand for real estate within the urban neighborhood. In fact, the Related Group of
developers has recently bought the Infinity II site which can be found at 1300 South
Miami Avenue.

It is safe to say property buyers who are interested in being able to purchase Brickell
condominiums will simply have to opt for existing condominiums that are available
on today’s property market, or wait a few more years to avail of the top-notch options
that will be made available within the neighborhood’s new development projects.

If you would like to learn more about the market for Brickell condominiums, or if you
are interested in the opportunity to purchase any of your available options, you should

contact our team of professional agents for more details.



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