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30 Nov 2012

Pharrell Williams Decides To Sell His Tri-Level Miami Penthouse Property For $16.8 Million

Pharrell Williams is an internationally acclaimed, Grammy-winning songwriter,
producer, rapper, art collector, entrepreneur, and overall genius has recently decided
to place his illustrious tri-level Miami penthouse for sale on the property market for
an asking price of $16.8 million.

According to property records, Williams purchased the Miami penthouse back in
March of 2007 for $12.525 million. Soon after that, he become involved in a legal
dispute over water leaks which were found coming from at least six sources which
include the penthouse pool, plant watering system, and the Jacuzzi of the fabulous
high-rise home.

Nevertheless, the property’s listing information indicates that the grand penthouse
located on the 40th floor measures 9,080 square feet with a total of 5 bedrooms, 6.5
bathrooms, and access to stunning 360-degree views of the city skyline, Biscayne
Bay, Atlantic Ocean, and the Intracoastal Waterway.

The luxury penthouse has been featured in an art-filled photograph session conducted
in December of 2010 for The Selby as well as an international style and design feature
conducted in July of 2011 for W Magazine. Both shoots revealed that a vast majority
of Williams’ personal belongings — including video game consoles, a phenomenal
sneaker collection, and his very own contemporary art collection featuring works
by world-class artists such as Keith Haring, KAWS, Takashi Murakami, and Andy
Warhol — may have been removed from the home.

The main living and dining area of the penthouse has chestnut-colored wooden floors,
smooth (almost) floor-to-ceiling glass windows with terrace access where panoramic
water views can be seen, a built-in buffet located in the dining area, and a high-tech
entertainment system located in the living area with a large flat screen television.

The main floor and the second floor of the tri-level penthouse is connected by one
floating staircase where yet another floating spiral staircase can be found connected
the second floor up to the third.

There are a selection of photographs which showcase the outstanding features that the
home space is equipped with, including a slender center island kitchen, a home theater
with red leather reclining chairs and paneled walls, a private billiard room located on
the second level of the property, and a library lounge area that features built-in book
shelves amidst Williams’ personalized modern furniture pieces that come in a variety
of colors and shapes.

The master suite of the home features outstanding views and direct terrace access, a
spacious marble bathroom, and a breath-taking closet that — when shown in the W
Magazine shoot — set the stage for Williams’ phenomenal sneaker collection.

While no one can say for sure exactly what triggered Williams’ decision to sell, or
whether he has any actual real estate plans prepared, many are looking forward to
seeing what next move he is going to make, especially since he has already made it

known that he dreams of owning a Wyne Manor-type mansion residence as well as an
Avant Garde home that will be partially submerged in the ocean.

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