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14 Aug 2012

Miami Luxury Penthouse Takes The Spotlight As The Most Expensive Apartment Within Florida

With luxury real estate being on a streak of record-breaking deals coming in one after
the other, it seems that high-end property buyers will surely be looking to an even
more fascinating list of options, especially within top areas such as New York and
Miami which are agreeably two of the finest locations for luxurious living within the

While the majority of the country’s most expensive apartments happen to be found in
the city of New York, it seems that the property market has a new contender which is
located within Miami. The new development project simply called The Mansions at
Acqualina with its selection of private residences will be offering a luxury penthouse
which is priced at a value of $50 million.

Given the current market situation, the luxury penthouse will definitely be known as
the most expensive one in Florida. But it will also beat the price tag on many options
within Manhattan, New York.

Of course, a development project of such high ambition is sure to get heads turning in
the world of real estate as many are curious about the story behind The Mansions at
Acqualina. Nevertheless, the president behind the development project has said that
the reason that The Mansions at Acqualina took on such a massive leap is because of
the apparent need for units which went beyond 4,500 square feet as the vast majority
of options available within the region were usually built to floor spans much smaller
than 4,000 square feet.

Also mentioned was the fact that there is a 5-diamond hotel located north of the area
where The Mansions at Acqualina is going to set rise. Apparently the units offered at
the hotel have floor areas that only range from 2,200 to 2,700 square feet. People who
enjoyed the luxury of living in those units requested for much larger ones to be built
which is something that they acted upon with great success.

The Mansions at Acqualina is located in the beautiful oceanfront city of Sunny Isles
Beach in Miami Beach with private residences being placed on the property market
for values that start at $5 million each.

The building itself rises up to 47 stories and offers up to 79 private residences which
are situated two for every story for the first 72 while the remaining options on higher
stories all have their own in-ground indoor pools. The luxury penthouse, on the other
hand, remains fully customizable.

Each of the private residences will feature a dashing selection of luxurious amenities
which will include Italian glass tiles within each bathroom, Creston control systems,
granite floors, and even crocodile leather closets. Needless to say, such features are
definitely for people who seek a unique lifestyle that not many can afford which is
why people who are interested in being able to indulge in one of the most opulent
oceanfront lifestyle options in the country today should definitely find out about the
availability of such amazing options while the development project is still in its pre-
selling stages.

The project is set to reach completion by 2015. Contact our team of real estate experts
for more details.
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